10 tips to do with your Girlfriend

A guy don’t always need to splurge his girlfriend to make her happy and feel loved. Just little things will do, try any of these 10 tips that take no effort at all and see how easy it can be!

1.Go out impromptu.

” If both of you are just relaxing plan something spontaneous and take her out for snack. Girls love surprises. ”

2. Motivate her.

“Motivation always works twice as well both of you do things together. If your girlfriends struggling to keep herself motivated. Comfort her and work towards goal together. ”

3. Serenade her.

“Sounds corny but it’s really romantic. She’s going to love it!”

4. Complete her bucket list.

” Ask her about things she wants to do this month or year.”

5. The important days.

” keep the special dates in mind like birthdays and anniversaries and make each one of them memorable.”

6. Do silly things together.

“Fool around with your girlfriend by teasing her. Play games together, the more playful you are the happier your relationship will be.”

7.Drop a Note.

“Write a sweet message to her and put it in her door or insert it in her bag or book that’ll make your girlfriend beam with happiness.”

8. Listen to her.

“just listen to her without trying to offer advice if she’s had a bad day.”

9. Pillow talk.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than lying in each other’s arms and talking about good things. That’ll bring both of you a lot closer too!’

10. Sweet talk.

“Tell her she’s pretty/beautiful and always say to her that you are the luckiest guy to have her.”

The sweetest things you can do for your girlfriend are the smallest and effortless ones. Be playful and spontaneous in no time.


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